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Confusing Words

Does "bored" mean the same as "boring"? What's the difference between "funny" and "fun"? Here are some commonly confused English word pairs.
23.Sep 2017:

practice and practise

In British English the noun practiCe is written with a c and the verb to practiSe is written with an s. Both words are pronounced the same way. In American English both are usually written with a c.

Remember, to practise is followed by the -ing form, e.g. As soon as I'd passed my driving test I practised parking in the local streets as I didn't feel I'd done sufficient during my lessons.


A best practice is a technique, method or process that is believed to be more effective at delivering a particular outcome than any other technique, method, process, etc.

That won't work in practice.

Betty needs to practise her French.

Debra’s father is a doctor and has just opened his own practice.