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Confusing Words

Does "bored" mean the same as "boring"? What's the difference between "funny" and "fun"? Here are some commonly confused English word pairs.
19.Nov 2017:

lay and lie

lay (to cause to lie down) and lie (to be or place oneself at rest in a flat, horizontal position)

Both verbs are irregular. Be careful because the past tense of to lie is lay.

lay laid - laid
lie lay - lain


Our kids like lying (Note the spelling of lying!) in bed till the midday.
Lay the pens on the table, please.
Cynthia lay under a tree to sleep.
Dirty dishes lay on the table.
Do you know how to lay a real wood floor?

However, when to lie means not to tell the truth, it is a regular verb, e.g. She lied to me about her previous job.