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Confusing Words

Does "bored" mean the same as "boring"? What's the difference between "funny" and "fun"? Here are some commonly confused English word pairs.
19.Aug 2018:

prospect, prospectus and brochure

BROCHURE - a type of small magazine that contains pictures and information on a product or a company


We'll dispatch your paper brochures within 24 hours and send you an e-mail containing a link to your e-brochures as soon as we've received your order.

Search, read and order holiday brochures by post or email.

PROSPECTUS - a document giving details of a college, school or business and its activities


Download our full prospectus for English language study courses at WLC-English, plus our enrolment form and details of fees and accommodation prices.

You can download this prospectus page as a PDF suitable for printing.

PROSPECT future possibility; person considered likely to buy; potential employee


Is there any prospect they will ever find a cure for the common cold? (=> future possibility)

We'll be interviewing three more prospects for the posts next Monday. (=>potential employee)

Megan 's hoping the course will improve her career prospects. (=>the possibility of being successful at work)

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