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Drag and Drop

was   got   could   began   discovered   slept   had to   left   looked   contained   picked   did not go   had   pressed  

Jonathonís day __________ terribly. He __________ badly because the neighbours were playing music very loudly. Then, after he __________ finally got to sleep, his alarm clock __________ off at the correct time and he __________ the house with only fifteen minutes before his train was due to go. He only __________ to the train station on time by driving very quickly along the motorway. After he had found his train he __________ that all the carriages were full of noisy teenagers, all obviously on a school trip and it was difficult to find a seat. Then, just as the train was pulling out of the station, there __________ a loud noise. There was a problem with the locomotive and everyone__________ get off again. He then __________ around for a place to get a coffee. He put in his money into a drinks machine and __________ the button for a cup of black coffee, but when he __________ up the cup it only __________ hot water. Jonathon finally got to work an hour later and just as he sat down at his desk his boss told him to come into his office so he __________ not have his usual morning cup of coffee at all.
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