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Drag and Drop

works   attains   is getting   puts   working   are repairing   working   labouring  

Reporter: Well, Mrs Angel, thank you for showing Channel Five news around your house.
Mrs Angel: It is a pleasure. At the moment, builders __________ the roof, so I will now take you to the studio where my husband always __________.
Reporter: Your husband, Pablo Juan Angel, is a very famous painter all over the world. Can you describe to our viewers how he normally __________ his inspiration?
Mrs Angel: Well, it is not a secret. Firstly he __________ on a tape of rock music, and then he waits for inspiration to arrive. It is as simple as that.
Reporter: Is he __________ on anything at present?
Mrs Angel: As a matter of fact, he is currently __________ on a commission from a museum in New York, and it is proving to be something of a difficult piece of work.
Reporter: I believe that you are also a painter, Mrs Angel. Are you __________ on anything?
Mrs Angel: No, but I have an exhibition of my work on show at the Tate Modern in London. It is a great honour.
Reporter: Thank you, Mrs Angel. It __________ late and it is all we have time for now, so, it is back to the news.
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