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Language Holidays

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True or False?

1. Jill takes her driving test on Monday so she will not be able to come to the picnic.  True    False
2. The programme says that the opera finishes at 11 o’clock. True    False
3. The two leaders are meeting this afternoon for talks about the political crisis True    False
4. Jason and John are playing tennis on Saturday morning. True    False
5. The planes are departing from the airfield at two in the morning. True    False
6. Mr Jameson flies to New York tomorrow morning at eight o’clock. True    False
7. The new semester is beginning on the 13th of September.  True    False
8. Mrs Jackson drives to Great Yarmouth for the meeting on Wednesday.  True    False
9. We are having a housewarming party next week. Would you like to come? True    False
10. The orchestra performs the Magic Flute in April.  True    False
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