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Prepositions > Prepositions of Place: at, in, on

In general, we use:
  • at for a POINT

  • in for an ENCLOSED SPACE

  • on for a SURFACE

at the cornerin the gardenon the wall
at the bus stopin Manchesteron the ceiling
at the doorin Englandon the door
at the top of the pagein a boxon the cover
at the end of the roadin his pocketon the floor
at the entrancein my walleton the carpet
at the crossroadsin a buildingon the menu
at the entrancein a caron a page

Some examples:

Steven and Ines are on their honeymoon in Paris at the moment.
I am on my way. I am on the bus.
The dentistís is on the second floor.
I live in the west of Germany.
Who is that woman standing at the bus stop? I think that I have seen her before.

Some more examples:

    at home
    at work
    at school
    at university
    at college
    at the top
    at the bottom
    at the side
    at reception

    in a car
    in a taxi
    in a helicopter
    in a boat
    in a lift (elevator)
    in the newspaper
    in the sky
    in a row
    in Oxford Street

    on a bus
    on a train
    on a plane
    on a ship
    on a bicycle, on a motorbike
    on a horse, on an elephant
    on the radio, on television
    on the left, on the right
    on the way