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Adjectives and Adverbs > Superlatives

The superlative is the form of an adjective or adverb that expresses the highest or a very high degree of the quality of what is being described. For example, if you are describing a noun, in the sentence:

  • This is the cheapest hotel in town. - the word cheapest is a superlative adjective.

If you are describing a verb, use a superlative adverb:

  • Justin ran the fastest. - the word fastest is a superlative adverb.

The superlative form is –est or most…. Use –est for short words and most for longer words:

  • highest, longest

  • most expensive, most difficult

We usually use” the” before a superlative:

  • The accident was one of the worst experiences of my life.

  • What is the quickest way to get to the university from the train station?