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Passive > Conjugation for the Passive Voice

We can form the passive in any tense. In fact, conjugation of verbs in the passive tense is rather easy, as the main verb is always in past participle form and the auxiliary verb is always be. To form the required tense, we conjugate the auxiliary verb. So, for example:

present simple: It is made
present continuous: It is being made
present perfect: It has been made

Here are some examples with most of the possible tenses:

infinitive to be made
present simple It is made.
past simple It was made.
future simple It will be made.

present continuous It is being made.
past continuous It was being made.
future continuous It will be being made.

perfect present simple It has been made.
past perfect simple It had been made.
future perfect simple It will have been made.

perfect present continuous It has been being made.
past perfect continuous It had been being made.
future perfect continuous It will have been being made.