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Adjectives and Adverbs > Comparatives and Superlatives

1. The comparative and superlative degrees are formed by adding the -er and -est suffix to adjectives and adverbs with a single consonant for an ending.

Adjective/AdverbComparative Superlative

2. Adjectives and adverbs ending in -y drop the -y and add an -ier in the comparative degree and an -iest in the superlative degree:

Adjective/AdverbComparative Superlative

3. Adjectives and adverbs ending in the silent or mute -e drop the ending -e and add the -er for the comparative and the -est for the superlative:

Adjective/AdverbComparative Superlative
early earlierearliest

4. Degrees of comparison can also be distinguished with the use of more and most: more clever; most clever