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Tenses > Future – the present continuous vs be going to plus infinitive

1. The use of be going + infinitive and the present continuous tense to speak about the future is similar. We use them to say what we have already planned, decided or arranged to do:
  • What are you doing tonight? (= What are your plans?)

  • I am going to stay at home. or I am staying at home.

2. The present continuous is more natural for personal arrangement:
  • Jason and John are playing tennis on Saturday morning.

  • We are having a housewarming party next week.

3. Be going to + infinitive is used to talk about our intentions:
  • Tim is going to study English in a language school in London this year.

4. Be going to + infinitive is used to speak about the future when we have already got some evidence that something is certain or likely to happen:
  • John feels terrible. He is going to be sick.

  • There are many black clouds. It is going to rain soon.