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Tenses > Will for the future

1. We use will when we decide to do something at the time of speaking:
  • This bag is so heavy I can hardly carry it! - Okay. I will carry it.

  • Did you buy milk? – Oh no, I actually forgot it. I will go and buy some now.

2. Will is usually used in promises:
  • I will give you a call tonight.

  • I won´t tell anybody what you said. (Won´t – will not)

3. Will is used when asking somebody to do something:
  • Will you hold the door open for me, please?

  • Will you be quiet, please? I am writing an important letter.

4. You can use won´t to say that somebody refuses to do something:
  • I wanted Jane to speak with Jill but she won´t listen. (she refuses to listen)

5. Will can express the idea of a general prediction about the future:
  • I think Tanya will pass the exam.

  • Jillian won´t get the job. She does not have enough experience.