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to find new people to join a company or organization
to have to dismiss workers due to a lack of work or money
to have an influence on something/somebody
auf jemanden wirken
in the end or finally
easily broken or damaged
fein, zart
property owned by a person or business that has value and can be sold or used to pay debts
Guthaben, Vermögen
to reduce the number of workers
Belegschaft reduzieren
to place something in a different position or order
an amount by which something is less than required or expected
where the amount of money or the amount of business a company does is increasing
Ökonomisches Wachstum
being raised into a higher position or more important job
when workers and management disagree and the workers cease work or take legal action, usually over wages or working conditions
groups of workers that form a group and represent the workers in this type of work
discussions aimed at reaching an agreement
a person or group who is/are able to express thoughts and feeling clearly to others
Mitteilender, Kommunikator
the action of solving or settling problems or doubts
the mental or physical requirements, power or skill required to do something
to use people or companies external to your own company to complete tasks for your company
a company who will have people on file to offer as employees or they will find people for your company depending on your requirements
Arbeitsvermittlungsagenturen / Headhunter
a person who works for themselves and is an expert in their particular field and offer their services to anyone
able to produce the wanted result
the current conditions that affect any part of the business world

In modern times the former ‘Personnel Department’ is now known as the ‘Human Resources’ department, abbreviated simply to H.R. Not only has the name changed, but also the way in which this section of a company needs to conduct itself in these times of change. However, the major issues for people working within this field are still: employees, training, recruitment and redundancies.
The Human Resources Manager is faced with a variety of tasks, all of which have direct affect on the way a company will operate and ultimately succeed. It is only in recent times that universities have offered courses to educate people specifically in the field of H.R. People working as H.R. managers have many different backgrounds, and are qualified in fields ranging from law to philosophy, depending on the specific view an individual company has of what it is to be a good H.R. leader.
Professional workers in H.R. have a delicate balance to maintain, between treating people as simply company assets while giving the people employed in a company the support they need and recognizing each individual’s value. When a company needs to downsize, it is up to the H.R. department to select those employees that will be made redundant and then also rearrange the remaining staff to accommodate for any shortfalls that this downsizing will create. In times of economic growth, the H.R. department will be responsible for the promotion and training of employees.
The H.R. department will also be the area of the company that will deal with industrial disputes and workers unions. During the negotiation process associated such disputes, the H.R. department will be the communicator between the workers and management in the effort to find a resolution.
Recruitment remains a high priority for the H.R. department. In companies that have limited H.R. abilities the modern trend is to outsource for new employees, by using employment/recruitment agencies or a specialist consultant. Modern recruitment policies are required to comply with current anti-discrimination laws while promoting a diverse and multi-skilled workforce.
H.R. people are faced with the challenge of producing a qualified and motivated workforce, while balancing the company demands and the current laws governing the treatment of workers. Few other areas in business have faced the changes and challenges that the H.R. department deals with. An effective H.R. department will have a positive effect on the entire company, as a creative and productive workforce in the modern business climate is crucial to success.

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