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Interpreting - Translation

an involuntary intake of breath through a wide open mouth
lacking good manners
normally, occurring frequently
motions of hands or body to emphasize or help to express a thought or feeling
prevented from happening
das Fehlen von, der Mangel an
SMALL TALK / Gestures - Great Britain

Great Britain (all areas of the United Kingdom except for Northern Ireland) of course has its own special set of traditions in regards to the use of non-verbal communication. British people commonly do not use a large amount of gestures when speaking but they naturally have a non-verbal communication style of their own as with any culture.

  • Handshaking is commonly done when meeting and departing similar to most other European cultures, however it is not done as much as in other countries. The handshake is the friendly way to meet with people – both men and women. Two men will always shake hands when meeting each other for the first time. You should only shake hands when meeting a woman if she offers her hand first.

  • To gain the attention of a waiter or waitress in a restaurant or bar simply raise your hand. To indicate that you would like to pay the bill, after you have gained waiter's attention raise both hands and pretend to sign your name on one of your hands.

  • It should be avoided to stare at people directly when you do not know the person or you are in public places. Privacy is highly valued and respected in the countries that make up Great Britain.

  • When speaking in public it is important to avoid rubbing the face, standing with your hands in your pockets or shuffling your feet. These movements can show either nervousness or lack of knowledge in the subject being spoken about.

  • Other common forms of non-verbal communication that should be taken in account are when yawning, cover the mouth, when using a handkerchief do so discreetly and remove hats when entering a building.

  • Most of these gestures are well known, however the 'V' for victory sign is done by extending the index and middle finger and facing the palm outwards. Doing this same sign with the palm facing outwards means 'up yours' and is extremely rude.

    (U.K. English)

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