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Interpreting - Translation

the process of asking questions
to think or believe something will happen in the future
to make something certain to happen in the future
to be right for a particular person, situation or occasion
geeignet, passend
to have completed an agreement or an arrangement, especially in business
an answer or reaction
an answer or reaction
to watch and check a situation carefully for a period of time in order to discover something about it
überwachen, kontrollieren
a subject or problem which people are thinking and talking about
Streitfrage, Problem
normal or average
üblich, gewöhnlich
to continue to have, to keep in existence or not allow to become less
aufrecht erhalten, bewahren
BUSINESS / Departments in the Company - Customer Service

The customer service department may also be known as the complaints department. The role of this part of the company is to communicate with customers who have made inquiries or complaints to the company.
This department is becoming more important in modern times as the general public are beginning to expect a certain level of service when contacting a company. Companies are spending more money on customer service and less on research and development to ensure the profitability of a company.
Workers within this department of a company are known simply as customer service officers or agents. People who are best suited to this type of work will have strong telephone conversation skills and also good organisational skills. It is important if a customer service agent makes a promise to a customer regarding the action that will be taken to resolve their issue that they do exactly as they have said to the customer.

Company Systems
The company needs to have systems or procedures in place to ensure that customer complaints are dealt with efficiently and effectively. Giving a customer a quick and useful response to an inquiry or complaint can be reason a customer continues doing business with the company or takes their business to another company.
Companies need to monitor the complaints and inquiries that customers make and monitor the amount of time that it takes to resolve the issue for the customer. It is quite common that complaints department management will monitor the telephone conversations between customer service agents and the customers or the written correspondence (letters, faxes and emails) that is sent between customer service agents and the customers to maintain a certain level of service and thus also retain the public image that the company has.

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