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Interpreting - Translation

when you do somthing for someone or an organisation
In Namen von
seeking information by asking questions
Nachfrage, Recherche
something of great use, money value or service
TELEPHONE SKILLS / Requesting Information Over the Telephone

Whether you are making inquiries on behalf of the company that you work for or you are making a private inquiry - the telephone is most likely way you will make the request information. Most large companies and organisations will have specific workers or a department that deal with all customer inquiries. Some large companies and organisations may have special workers who take care of all general public inquiries and workers who take care of all corporate inquiries.
If you have an inquiry for a specific department then ask for the department when you get through. The people in each department will be able to give more valuable information than the receptionist that answers the phone. If you have a shipping inquiry ask for the Dispatch department and if you have a question about the features of a certain product then ask for the sales department.

Some phrases that will be useful when making requests over the telephone when trying to get information.
  • I'm calling to find out...
  • I'd like to ask...
  • I'd like to know...
  • Could you please tell me...
  • I'm calling about...
  • I need to know...

    If you would like to speak to a specific person or department.
  • I'd like to speak to someone about...
  • May I talk to someone about...?
  • You want to speak to...., They're not in at the moment. Can I take a message?
  • Is there someone you could connect me to?
  • Who should I contact for this information?

    What to say if no-one there is able to help at the time of your telephone call.
  • No, that's ok.
  • I'll call back later.
  • When do you expect them back?

    When you are told that you need to call someone else or a different number or office …
  • Could you connect me?
  • Do you have their number?
  • Do you know what I have to do?

    (U.K. English)

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