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Vacations / Checking-in at the Airport

Checking-in is an important moment for those wanting to travel to another country. Each airline has its own check-in desk and because of modern security concerns it is a time consuming process, with the result that they strongly recommend that passengers arrive prior to their departure time (at least 2 hours before) to allow sufficient time to complete all the check-in procedures and clear security.

At the check-in desk travellers will have to provide photographic identification and will be asked for their tickets. It is at this point that questions will be asked about their luggage. The passengerís heavier bags and suitcases are then taken to be checked and stowed in the aircraft. This is all part of the security checks and all questions should be answered truthfully.

Before the travellers leave the check-in desk they will be given a boarding card. This will often give the seat number and tell them which gate to go through in order to board their flight. (Occasionally the traveller will be told at the check-in desk that there is no seat allocation and that they can sit where they like, this is also perfectly normal).The travellers will need the boarding card to get through passport control and claim their allocated seat on the plane. The travellerís passport and boarding card will also have to be kept handy. They may have to be shown several times before the traveller is able finally to get on the plane.

At the departure gates can be found the main security checkpoints where all the hand luggage will be checked. As the traveller walks through the security gate he/she will also be searched. These checks are to protect everyone. Once these checks have been passed the traveller will not be allowed back into the airport reception area. From this moment all that remains is to wait for the moment to be able to board the plane itself.

When checking-in you might use or hear some of the following phrases:

- What time should I check-in?
- What time does the plane take-off?
- May I see your ticket, please?
- Please show me your passport.
- Do you have anything to declare?
- Please put your luggage on the scales.
- Did you pack your luggage / bags / baggage yourself?
- Here is your boarding pass.
- When should I be at the gate?
- Flight number 1367 is now boarding at gate 99.
- Will the passengers for flight 3467 please go to gate number 34?
- Please take all metal objects out of your pockets.
- I hope that you enjoy your flight.