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Vacations / Forms of Transport in Britain

Travellers visiting the British Isles have to bear in mind that they will have to pay for the transport to and from their destination and that this can be expensive.

British train journeys can be very costly. The cheapest prices are not always routinely given to you by ticket staff when you buy a ticket so it is best to find out if there are any special deals on offer and which travel reductions are available. It is also best to avoid travelling during peak hours as a three hour journey early in the morning can cost more than a ticket to the continent.

Travelling by coach can be a slower option but it is often a more cost effective one if the traveller has the time, but not the money. It may be that it is not always the most practical solution, but there are direct routes between most of the main British cities.

In London there is not much getting around the high travel costs, apart from walking, in which case you have to be prepared for a long walk because it is a very large city. The Tube, or the Underground, is a convenient means of travel but can be overcrowded, especially during the peak passenger hours. There is limited space for luggage and smoking is not allowed. The famous double-decker bus is often better value and, if you can avoid the road works, a more welcoming experience. It is useful to be familiar with bus routes but dont be put off asking the conductor to shout out when the bus has arrived at your stop. If you intend to be in the city for a while it is best to buy a weekly or monthly travel pass that will allow you to travel by the tube and the bus.

London is well known for its black taxis and its talkative cabbies. The drivers have to pass an intensive examination and each cab has a registration number that is shown in the back of the cab. They are run by individual companies.

If you wish to travel around more freely, you may consider hiring a car. For this you will need a valid driving licence, identification and a visa card to leave a large returnable deposit on safe return of the car.

When using paid transport you might use or hear some of the following phrases:

- A single / return ticket to [Norwich], please.
- How long is my ticket valid for?
- Id like information on all ticket reductions.
- Is my ticket refundable?
- Which platform / stop will the train / bus to [Norwich] leave from?
- Where is the bus to [the town centre]?
- Can you tell me when we reach my stop?
- Where can I leave my luggage?
- How long will the journey take?
- Id like to hire a car for [5] days / weeks.
- Where is the nearest taxi rank?
- How much will my journey cost?
- Can you take me to [the British Museum]? Thank you.