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Interpreting - Translation

to do something vigorously or persistently
bombardiert, überschüttet
to cause to believe or convince
having or likely to have influence or effect
despite everything
ohne Rücksicht auf
important pieces of something
a changeover in use or preference esp. in technology
television signals that are sent everywhere without cost to the user
to make easier or help bring about
fördern, unterstützen
BUSINESS / Using the Internet as Mass Media

When many people think of mass media, they think of the news or even newspaper reporters. Mass media, however, is much bigger than just current news …

Mass media is simply a medium that can carry messages. The primary mass media forms are books, magazines, newspapers, television, sound recordings, movies, and in more recent times the Internet. We are constantly bombarded by messages from mass media. Whether in the car, at home, or surfing the net, mass media is part of our daily lives and can serve many purposes. It can inform, persuade, serve the community or entertain. Regardless of the aim of mass media, it serves a significant function in our world. With the recent developments in the Internet, the entire world is slowly being linked together.
Computers and the Internet have been labeled as the key components in the latest communication revolution that will replace broadcast television. The Internet actually contains many different types of communication. Several kinds of technology are involved: transmission (by cable or satellite); storage and retrieval; display (using combinations of text and graphics); and control (by computer).
The main benefits compared with the ´old media´ are:
•Choice – The information that is supplied is no longer only in the hands of the supplier.
•High capacity – Cable or satellite delivery overcomes the former restrictions of cost, distance and capacity of the amount of information available.
•Interactive – The receiver can select, answer back, exchange and be linked to other receivers directly.
•Flexibility of form, content and use.
Not only does this new media facilitate the distribution of existing radio and television it also offers computer video games, virtual reality and video recordings of all kinds. CD-ROMS (standing for compact disc, read only memory) offer flexible and easy access to very large store of information, by way of computer-readable discs. The Internet communication takes many forms, from World Wide Web pages operated by major news organizations, to groups discussing mutual topics of interest and to email messages among colleagues and friends.

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