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Interpreting - Translation

the inherent character or basic constitution of a person or thing
a strong impression or effect on something/somebody
following in time, order, or place
the amount of business done
to cause to believe or convince
a careful plan or method
the art or skill of employing available means to accomplish an end
extraordinarily great size, number, or degree;
enorm, groß
arrived at as the last result
to show
ausdrücken, zeigen
something that is anticipated or being looked forward to the coming or occurrence of something
a question in the mind or to put as a question
Anfrage (Kundenanfrage)
a particular part or feature of something
existing or coming before in time, order or importance
SALES & MARKETING / Effective Sales Language

Every company needs to be able to effectively sell their products or services; this is the basic nature of all business. Regardless of the price or quality of the products or services a company offers, effective sales people and techniques will have a direct impact on the turnover and subsequent profit a company will enjoy. If a company sells its products to a larger market than only their own country, sales people will need to be conversant in the target country’s language, or the internationally recognized business language – English.
It is not of the up most importance to be completely fluent in all aspects of English to sell effectively. However, advanced English skills are needed to persuade potential buyers into making a purchase or placing orders.
There are three main factors associated with selling:
1. Product knowledge.
2. Selling tactics and strategies.
3. Attitude, enthusiasm and goals.

All three factors have equal importance, but the ability to communicate with the target customer is also of a high priority. If you cannot inform the potential customer of the benefits of using your products or services, including quality, price, availability or reputation then you will have little chance of securing their business.
Selling tactics and strategies are fairly similar wherever the company is based in the world. Most multi-national or international companies have an overall sales plan that will break down into specific targets and strategies to be used within each region. Also regardless of the country, the attitude and enthusiasm of the sales team has an enormous impact on the amount of business they will be able to secure for the company.
The language that is used in sales is an important factor in the ultimate success of any sales campaign. Most potential customers look for sales representatives and companies that are dependable, trustworthy, intelligent and competent: so the sales people and the language they use need to reflect these common expectations.
The most important aspect of selling is having confidence in the way in which the customers are approached and the amount of specific details that are made available about the products or services the company is offering. Even though having perfect sales skills is not completely necessary, strong language skills are needed regarding all aspects of the company and its products and services. Sales people will need to be able to discuss with customers about their specific needs and wants in regards to the certain type of product or service that the company supplies.
Customers will usually require a great amount of information prior to any major purchase. The ability to give detailed answers to any query a potential customer may have will greatly improve the chances of gaining the customers trust and their subsequent business.

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