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Interpreting - Translation

a person or thing of great size
ability to perform or produce
Kapazität, Leistungsfähigkeit
metallic money
Geldstück, Münze
form by stamping, punching, or printing
to participate in personally
acts of showing or displaying
Ausstellungen, Vorführungen
a usually artificial pool, pond, reservoir
a sudden movement of the earth's crust caused by the release of stress accumulated along geologic faults or by volcanic activity
Canberra / Family Fun

With so many attractions and museums and fun things to do, even the big kids can get away with being children in Canberra. Here are just some of the great things to do for families.

Experience an earthquake and much more at Questacon – the National Science and Technology Centre, or take the kids through the children’s gallery at the National Gallery of Australia. Kids will love the hands-on interactive exhibitions at the National Museum of Australia, or take them on the specially designed kids’ tour at the National Zoo and Aquarium to see cheetahs, bears, monkeys and the shark tank. Let the kids mint their own $1 coin on the public coining presses at the Royal Australian Mint, which has the capacity to produce two million coins a day.

At the Australian Institute of Sport, take a tour with an elite athlete and test your skills at virtual rowing, wheelchair basketball and the gymnastic beam. The miniature buildings at Cockington Green Gardens make even the smallest child a giant. While you’re there visit the nearby Gold Creek Village which is filled with great family attractions, as well as a tempting lolly shop.

(This article and photos are presented courtesy of the City of Canberra - www.visitcanberra.com.au)

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