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the act or an instance of exploring or investigating
fairly large
ziemlich groß, beträchtlich
Canberra / Canberra Deep Space Communication Complex

See a piece of Moon rock and learn all about NASA at the Visitors Centre at the Canberra Deep Space Communications Complex. For the past 40 years this Complex has played a key role in the exploration of space as part of NASA’s Deep Space Network. The Complex at Tidbinbilla features four giant antennae including the largest in the Southern Hemisphere. Take a look around the Canberra Space Centre where you can see a sizeable piece of 3.8 billion-year-old Moon rock, watch a space movie, check out what the well-dressed astronaut wears, and get the latest space news.

(This article and photos are presented courtesy of the City of Canberra - www.visitcanberra.com.au)

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