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represented in a picture or sculpture
something bought at cheap price
The City of Adelaide / A Day Out (The Pigs)

Location: Rundle Mall at the junction of Stephens Place
Sculptor: Marguerite Derricourt
Medium: Bronze

These four bronze pigs are depicted in lively poses as if they were walking the street, greeting shoppers, and snuffling out a bargain.

They were commissioned by the Adelaide City Council as part of the final phase of the upgrade of Rundle Mall.

The group sculpture was unveiled by Former Lord Mayor (Dr Jane Lomax-Smith) on 3 July 1999. Two of the Pigs are pictured above. A competition to name the Pigs was recently held with the winning entries being:

Truffles (The standing pig), Horatio (The sitting pig), Oliver (The pig at the bin) and Augusta (The trotting pig).

Kindly reproduced with the permission of the Adelaide City Council - www.cityofadelaide.com.au

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