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a list of matters to be taken up (as at a meeting)
Agenda, Tagesordnung
an agreement which is based on trust and is not written down
Übereinkommen unter Ehrenleuten
something offered or acquired at a price advantageous to the buyer
handeln, aushandeln
advantage, profit
an estimation of the revenue and expenses over a specified future period of time
Budget, Finanzplan
fee paid to an employee or agent for services performed, especially a percentage of a total amount received in a transaction, as distinguished from salary, which is a fixed amount payable periodically
Provision, Umsatzbeteiligung
something to make up for loss or damage
Entschädigung, Abfindung
an agreement to accept a situation in which the parties allow variations from what they originally sought, to achieve a compatible outcome
übereinkommen, sich vergleichen
an agreement between two or more parties, especially one that is written and enforceable by law
harm to property or a person, resulting in loss of value or the impairment of usefulness
due date, latest time for the completion of a negotiation, project, service, or product
Abgabefrist, Stichtag, Termin
the act of putting off or the condition of being put off
Verspätung, Verzug
process of transporting goods
a preliminary plan or version, as of a written work
Entwurf, Konzept
an assumption of responsibility, as one given by a manufacturer, for the quality, worth, or durability of a product
Sicherheit, Garantie
a bill issued by one who has provided products and/or services to a customer
a single article or unit in a collection or series
Artikel, Position, Posten
something, such as a suggestion, proposal, bid, or recommendation, that is offered
any person involved in a transaction or proceeding
Partei, Teilnehmer
a series of steps taken to accomplish an end
Ablauf, Prozedur
the ratio gross profits divided by net sales
something that is put forward for consideration, something offered
Antrag, Vorschlag
a deduction from an amount to be paid or a return of part of an amount given in payment
Rückvergütung, Nachlass
something indispensable, essential
Anforderungen, Ansprüche
the statement (oral or written) of an exchange of promises; bargain, deal
Vereinbarung, Übereinkunft, Vertrag
BUSINESS / Negotiations 1