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an automobile
a scene involving one or more automobiles being pursued by other vehicles
stealing of automobiles, buses, motorcycles, trucks, and the like
a railway car where passengers' bags are carried
a passenger car where food is served in transit, dining car, diner
a small low-powered electrically powered vehicle driven on a special platform where there are many others to be dodged; UK also known dodgem
a car designed to operate on a cableway or cable railway
a bomb placed in a car and wired to explode when the ignition is started or by remote control or by a timing device
a ferry that transports motor vehicles
parking area, parking lot
a small group of car drivers who arrange to take turns driving while the others are passengers
a facility used to clean the exterior and sometimes the interior of automobiles
a car owned by a company or other organization which is used by an employee for his or her work
a car that has a long body and rear door with space behind rear seat, station wagon
limousine, saloon
a railroad car having accommodations for sleeping
a small low car with a high-powered engine; usually seats two persons
An old motor car, specifically one built between 1919 and 1930
SMALL TALK / Talking about Cars

When talking about cars it is definitely important to know what kind of car you are describing, and identifying where exactly this type of ‘car’ belongs. Not all ‘cars’ are indeed what we think they are.

When buying a car for transport there’s so much to choose from. Do I want to buy a sedan, or an estate, with car theft protection measures? A new flashy sports car or a more refined vintage car? An armored car would definitely be a safe bet against car bombs however, you might have a problem getting it insured! Maybe even the oldest rundown but functioning car can have its own unique use and worth as a stock car. The lucky ones of us might even have a company car as one of the standard business perks of working for a large company.

And this is where it starts to get a little more complicated. You certainly don’t want to find yourself sitting in the back of a squad car, as that probably means that you have almost definitely been arrested, maybe for being involved in a car chase or, more likely, using your car phone whilst driving for example. Using your mobile telephone is also not advised when sitting, or indeed laying, in the sleeping car of a train. You certainly won’t make many friends by doing so! It might be advisable to go through the train, past the baggage car to the buffet car, where, as well as dining, it is more acceptable to make a phone call.

Unlike if you were to stand through the sunroof of your car whilst going through a car wash, you certainly won’t need your bathing suit when in a car pool with 3 or more of your colleagues going to work together to save on petrol costs. This is also a benefit if you and your colleagues have to use the car ferry to get across the river to the office buildings on the other side, saving on waiting for a space on board and also at the company car park at work.
Also, don’t get confused between a cable car, a common mode of public transport (as in Germany, for example) and the bumper cars you can find at the fair ground. Who would have thought that a ‘car’ could be so complicated?!?

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