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to launch a product – to introduce a new product
ein Produkt auf den Markt bringen, ein Produkt einführen
a mass-produced product sold in large volumes without individual specifications, usually in compliance with a standard
a product containing a substance or agent that causes cancer
Krebs erregender Stoff
a product of a competitor
food products ready to cook, ready to use or ready to eat
foodstuffs produced from milk
product defects
final product, finished product
not a brand product
Produkt ohne Marke; No-Name Produkt
the analysis of the product
a group of attributes by which a consumer relates to a specific product, service, or organization
Markenimage; Markenansehen
additions intended to increase the value of a product
lifetime of a product
a person responsible for planning and directing the work on a particular product
Produktleiter; Produktverantwortliche; Produktmanager
something that is produced as a result of making something else, or something unexpected that happens as a result of something
when a company advertises a product by supplying it for use in films or television programmes
a substance of no value or use which is made during a process in which something useful is produced
products available and offered by a company
Produktmappe; Produktportfolio
testing of products
Produktprüfung; Warenprüfung
drugs which are marketed without brand names and are generally less expensive than brand-name drugs, even though they are chemically identical to brand-name drugs and meet the same standards for safety, purity and effectiveness
gross domestic product or GDP – the total market value of all final goods and services produced in a country in a given year, equal to total consumer, investment and government spending, plus the value of exports, minus the value of imports
gross national product or GNP - the total value of all final goods and services produced within a nation in a particular year, plus income earned by its citizens (including income of those located abroad), minus income of non-residents located in that country
BUSINESS / Talking about Products

Market and product research plays an important role in product analysis before launching a product on the market. There are several moral, environmental, and analytical reasons why market and product research is conducted before the product goes into production and onto the market. With regards to product research, product testing and the environment, products are tested to see if they produce any additional by-products or waste products that could be considered dangerous either to the environment or to people in any way (for example. Carcinogenic products). It might also be for some reason that there are defects in the product that only arise through testing. If this proves to be the case then logically, the product never even sees the light of day on the market.

However, should the product in itself prove to be both safe and functional it is then put through a rigorous market research procedure. This helps in many aspects of successfully launching the product onto the market. Consumers are asked to try the product in controlled conditions. By doing so, researchers can analyze such aspects as the quality of no-name products against competitive products without having the bias of brand image and reputation. By researching the product over a wide demographic of consumers the research enables companies and product managers to identify the best method of product placement, the probable product life (based on popularity), possible product improvements to make the product more appealing and to accumulate a complete product portfolio before finally producing the end product that reaches the consumer after the market research. Typically researched products come from many market areas, such as convenience products and dairy products as well as fast food and health food products. Bulk products are also analyzed for other humanitarian reasons, such as generic medicinal products, which, having passed the necessary health and safety measures, can be distributed to poorer regions and countries whose GNP and GDP don’t allow for large expenditures and therefore frequently can’t afford the more expensive brand name alternatives. Market research plays an essential role in ‘making or breaking’ a product and its success.

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