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Miscellaneous / a godsend, a pain in the neck and more ...

Are these stattement true or false?

1. a godsend - a person or thing that comes unexpectedly but is very welcome True    False
2. a pain in the arm - an annoying person True    False
3. a smart-aleck - a person regarded as obnoxiously self-assertive (aggressively self-assured) True    False
4. Jack-of-all-trades, master of none. - a person with many skills and abilities True    False
5. a butter fingers - a clumsy person who always drops things True    False
6. a snob - a person who respects and likes only people who are of a high social class, and/or a person who has extremely high standards who is not satisfied by the things that ordinary people like True    False
7. a girl Tuesday - a female helper or office worker who is willing to do various different types of work True    False
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