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transportation   immigrants   raw materials   trade routes   equipment   convey   overseas   imports and exports   cargo   commerce  

Today, as in the past, much of the world's __________ depends upon __________ by ships. In a typical year ships transport some 3.7 billion tons of __________ between the nations of the world. They carry food and textiles, bulk supplies of __________ such as coal, oil and grain, and huge sections of process __________, cars and paper, chemicals and steel, machine tools and personal computers. Many of the giant space rockets journey by water to their launching sites. It should also be remembered that ships __________ people as well, though airplanes have largely supplanted ships as transoceanic passenger carriers.
Ships were no less important in the past. Much of the world was explored because people set out in ships to find new __________. The __________ who settled the United States of America came by ship from the rest of the world. Wars have even been fought so that ships of commerce might freely sail the seas.
Many industries depend upon raw materials from abroad and upon __________ markets. Practically all of the United States __________, for example, are moved by ship. The result is that every year thousands of ships carry hundreds of millions of tons of valuable cargo to and from countries while other vessels move millions of tons of cargo in domestic waters.
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