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The term applying for credit is an action that contains many techniques and items, although it may seem very simple. One of the most important issues when applying for loans to banks is the form of application, the amount of application and the desired maturity options.

What Should We Pay Attention to Making a Loan Application?

What Should We Pay Attention to Making a Loan Application?

What is a loan; Credit is defined as providing or transferring purchasing power provided that a person gets it back after a certain period of time. This is the mentioned definition of cash loan. However, banks can also legend by giving guarantee and surety in favor of a legal or natural person.

If we pay attention to the criteria requested by banks when applying for loans, our application results in a much faster and more positive way. Let’s explain the criteria to be considered in a few items;

  • High credit score
  • A regular income
  • A clean record

While making the loan application, the main items are banks, but the banks look at our credit points first. Our credit score covers all our bank transactions, including credit card payments, credit payments and overdraft accounts. If we have a regular credit and credit card payment, your credit score will be very high if you have paid your credit debts in time and regularly.

A regular income; One of the second criteria that banks look at when giving loans is that we have a regular documentable income. It should be known that banks are a business, not a charity. Of course it will not give us credit without making a profit.

A clean record; If we have had a loan record and retrospective execution, we may have a negative result.

Making a Loan Application; Too many applications negatively affect our credit registry; Trying our luck one by one in all banks because there is no credit, it is nothing more than more luck, more unlucky. You heard right, yes. Many applications are not solutions, you should remember that every loan application you make can be viewed by bddk by other banks, and instead of affecting your credit score negatively, you can go directly to the result with a single application by our customer representatives.

Types of Loans, Which Loan Should I Apply?

Types of Loans, Which Loan Should I Apply?

There are special loan packages that banks offer from time to time, and it will be beneficial to select the most ideal loan package that will be useful for us when applying for a loan. Let’s talk a little bit about credit types;

  • Necessary loan (holiday loan, school loan, holiday loan, debt closing loan, etc.)
  • Mortgage loan
  • Car loan
  • Retired loan
  • Credit to SMEs
  • Commercial loans
  • Health loans
  • Public loan
  • Soldier loan
  • Credit to the farmer

Although there are many types of loans, the most preferred type of loan is consumer loan. Because, in general, loans are drawn with small amounts and compulsory needs. Individual consumer loans can be withdrawn up to 50,000 USD and up to 60 months.

As a credit consultancy company, we always direct our citizens correctly and achieve success up to 100%.

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