Tips to Submit a Guarantee Loan and House Certificate

Like mushrooms in the rainy season, now various online loan applications are popping up. Online loan systems like this look easier, without collateral, and the funds you need to go directly to your account. However, you also need to be wise in making loans. Especially if you want to apply for a loan with a guarantee of your assets, such as a collateral loan or a BPKB vehicle.

Some of the following tips will make you wiser in making loans. For your convenience, it is strongly recommended to apply for a loan from an official financial institution registered with the OJK.


See your income and expenses

credit loans

A Financial Advisor who will decide whether a person deserves to be given a loan or not. The eligibility consideration is calculated from 30 percent of your total income. So, the installment amount that you would like to pay should ideally not exceed the number of the calculation results.

For that, before you apply for a loan, pay attention to how much your total expenses in one month. Is this income still sufficient to finance your routine expenses? This must be considered.

Because later, your expenses will increase with monthly payments that you have to pay. Do not get a peg larger than a pole, yes.


Make sure your BI Checking is safe


BI Checking is a system that exists at Best Bank that records the entire history of a debtor. Inside there is a variety of information about your credit collectibility. Do you have bad credit or not, how the smooth repayment payments, everything is clearly visible in this system.

In order for a loan to be approved, you must ensure that there are no other deferred credit loans such as mortgages or KTA. If you have a credit card, pay attention to your credit card payment performance.


Prepare Supporting Documents

Prepare Supporting Documents

Every financial institution has different provisions. However, in general the supporting documents that you need to prepare for the submission of funds to using BPKB and a house certificate are:

  1. Photocopy of KTP and NPWP
  2. Copy of KK
  3. Original Documents for ownership of assets that will be used as collateral, BPKB or House Certificate.
  4. Salary slip
  5. References letter
  6. Photocopy of checking account for the past 3 months.

After all the documents have been met, you can go to the office of a trusted financial institution. There you will be assisted later by a Financial Advisor who will explain in detail the terms and conditions. Then, they will also explain how much interest rates are applied, complete with installments that you will pay.


Choose a Trusted Online Loan

Online Loan

Many finance companies in Indonesia. However, choose an institution that has been registered and overseen by the FSA. Because it means, the lending institution has legality. Which means, if something happens, you can get legal protection in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

4 tips above will make it easier for you to make loans using BPKB collateral or home certificates. If you currently intend to make loans using BPKB and home certificates, PT Cream Finance Tbk is a finance company that you can trust, because we have been established since 1982 and is the first finance company to list its shares on the Indonesia Stock Exchange.

We have many loan products that you can choose according to your current needs. You can apply for a loan with a guarantee; either BPKB car or motorcycle, as well as a house certificate.

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