Currently online loans are very easy for anyone who needs additional funds to meet their daily needs or other emergency needs. The submission process is very easy, the requirements are not as complicated as conventional banks, making many people turn to the online loan platform.

But, even though it gives a number of conveniences, it does not mean that every submission can be approved just like that. A truly secure online loan platform should have a number of factors in assessing the eligibility of a prospective customer. They will not approve credit applications for people who do not meet the requirements or are considered unfit for a number of reasons.

If you are one of the people whose credit applications have been declined the Online loan platform. If so, that means something went wrong in the submission process. Where is the error? Let’s find out together.


Does not meet requirements


Each online loan platform must have requirements that must be met by prospective customers. Both in terms of age, domicile, and income. Every online credit application certainly has different requirements. For that, before applying for a loan, make sure that you can meet the requirements. If not, chances are that your submission will continue to be rejected.


Document incomplete or illegible

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The entire process of registering a technology-based loan will be done online. You will be asked to upload documents in the form of proof of address, proof of income (current account & salary slip) that has been photographed. This document selection process is something that must be considered. Because, the online loan platform will select prospective customer documents very carefully. The goal is to minimize the risk of illegible documents, so you can choose an online loan service that simplifies the registration process, such as Lite Lenders Finance, which provides registration options very easily and the approval process is very fast.


Bad credit history

Bad credit history

Credit history also will not escape from checking. If you have previously owe on other credit platforms, both conventional and online, and have outstanding debt, then be prepared to get a bad rating as a potential borrower. Your credit history will determine whether your application is accepted or rejected.